Alexandra Kustavinova

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Programmer and graphic designer from Irkutsk who creates interactive installations. In 2019 she graduated from applied informatics department, with technical major and creative minor; she ranked the first in the list admitted for unique program «Digital Art». Develops audio-visual/light/interactive installations that make a watcher co-author of a multimedia project. She believes it is important to develop projects with educational content. She is constantly improving her design skills.
Digital is her profession, Art is her hobby





Artist Statement

My goal is to involve a user in a process where the person ceases to be a passive spectator of the exhibit, but is given the opportunity to participate in the creation of a peace of art or become part of the installation or performance. That’s why I’m developing interactive installations with feedback that allow a participant to enter into a dialogue with a multimedia piece. This approach is aimed at strengthening the experience of participation in the arts. This approach  is better than human perception of a static object



2019 - 2021


Federal Far East University

Master, Digital Art

2015 - 2019

Irkutsk State University

Bachelor, Applied Informatics


2020 - 2021


Владивосток, онлайн-платформа «Zoom»

«–Da. Field processing»

Москва, «Электромузей»

«Ожидание новой природы»

Владивосток, виртуальная среда «Hubs Mozilla»

«Технологии соучастия»

Владивосток, ДВФУ «Аякс»


Programming languages

Python, C++, microPython

Visual program editors

VVVV, TouchDesigner, PureData, Grasshopper, Resolume Arena

Graphic editor

AdobePhotoshop, AdobeIllustrator, CorelDRAW, AdobePremier, Figma


Fusion360, Rhino

Программирование аппаратных составляющих

Arduino, microPython



Mastering vvvv for teaching

The NODE Institute

Graphic Design Base, PRO

Education Centre «Easy School»

Software engineering

Summer School of Software Engineering «Sarma»