mental ink.jpg

–Da. Master program in Digital Art

Tutor: Александра Гаврилова



Vladivostok, 2020

«Mental ink» is a symbiosis of art and behavioral psychology. Programmably generated graphics that aim to bring a person to meditation and show how we became less perceptive in everyday life. Slow down, take over the chaos of your thoughts, bring back the ability to be here and now both in a physical and mental sense


You can stay aside and be a spectator not interfere with the process going on on the screen. While wandering around the screen each «thought» can interact with one another. When they intersect the «thoughts» are not separate objects, not separate layers. They merge and one can infuse in or be trapped by another. This is a lot like inference, how different cognitive activities affect each other, how the different pieces of knowledge form single vision. You can also be a part of the installation. Pupil Core device allows to detect what point the person looks at and forces thoughts to flow to this point. This is a lot like cyclic thought when we keep some thoughts under our attention


Pupil Core, projector


VVVV beta + Python